Work hard without investing in Turkey

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Work hard without investing in Turkey

German automobile manufacturer Volkswagen (VW) moved to Turkey instead of investment decisions. Slovakia and Turkey’s best-selling model from the top of the automotive Passat sedan production will end up with the allegations. All these developments talked with VW’s distributor in Turkey’s Dogus Otomotiv Chairman Ali Bilaloğlu. Bilaloğlu said VW would re-evaluate its investment in Turkey in the coming years, “a global manufacturer like VW, to continue production without investing in Turkey seems very difficult,” he said. Passat Bilaloğlu clarifying allegations, “sold more than Turkey is not a country Passat saloon. VW Passat saloon gave Turkey guarantees until 2024-2025” shared knowledge.
The coronavirus epidemic undoubtedly left its mark in 2020. The epidemic, which can define as the biggest event of the 21st century to date, gripped the whole world from 7 to 70. As part of the measures taken, humanity was introduced to the curfews of modern times.
Global automotive production continued at intervals throughout the year and with lower numbers, driven by the pandemic. Important automotive markets around the world also suffered significant losses this year.
In contrast to developments globally, Turkey’s new and second-hand vehicle market experienced its most active period of the last year in 2020, even broke a record.

We talked about all these developments with Ali Bilaloğlu, the Chairman of Doğuş Otomotiv, also the Chairman of the Automotive Distributors Association (ODD).

“TURKEY WILL BE MORE EVIDENT ADVANTAGE ‘ that the conduct of the Doğuş Otomotiv Turkey distributor of the German automobile manufacturer Volkswagen (VW), announced that Turkey would open the abandoned factory and decided to expand its existing plant in Slovakia.
In this context, turkey announced that the VW Passat and Skoda Superb models, which are expected to be produced in Manisa, will be produced in Slovakia.
Noting that VW’s decision takes only about Turkey Dogus Otomotiv Chairman Ali Bilaloğlu, “VW has suspended the factory investment has not started construction yet all over the world. Now the world has come to a position working with the 30 percent capacity in the automotive industry. Disturbingly, one to go for additional capacity does not want to create, unavailable even already existing capacities. Therefore, this decision Turkey is not in private, a purely commercial decision, “he said.
Turkey’s human resources in the automotive industry, location, and quality of production in terms of a critical point is that Bilaloğlu underlined “Turkey’s these advantages will be more apparent in the coming years. European brands, a part of the supply chain in the Far East, were in Turkey. They live well aware of the hardships of the pandemic. Global manufacturers such as VW, to continue their automotive businesses from investing in Turkey seems very difficult, “he said.

Turkey did not change


We also asked Ali Bilaloğlu whether VW would not give up and the sales price of this model would change if the Passat were produced in Manisa.
Bilaloğlu respondents said they determine the price policy of the brand this question globally, “Whether it is textile products, whether they are determined independently from the point where they produce prices of other products get international brands and products. The Passat had been produced in Turkey, the sale price in Turkey has not changed. However, the VW factory in Turkey was hungry, could adopt more consumer brands. Also would lead to an increase in the brand’s market share, “he said.

Dogus Otomotiv Chairman Ali Bilaloğlu most sold 5 Noting also gave details of the allegations will be stopped in 2023 after producing the Passat sedan version of the car, one in Turkey.

Turkish Petroleum

Bilaloğlu explaining that these allegations are true, “the world, including Germany, more Passat from Turkey sedan sold is not a country. VW gave the Passat sedan production guarantee for Turkey until 2024-2025. Institutions across Europe prefer sedan models. The retail sales are shifting to SUVs and station wagon bodies. This change in the market is gradually coming to Turkey, “he said.


VW, Audi, Seat, Porsche, and Scania brands share information for the Dogus Otomotiv’s plans representing Turkey.
Stating that 2021 will be one of the busiest years for them, Bilaloğlu announced the models they will offer for sale in the new year. Stating that the Golf will be available in the first quarter of the year, the Passat Alltrack in the third quarter and the T-Cross in the last quarter, Bilaloğlu said that on the Seat front, the Tarraco and the new Leon would be available in the first quarter of the year.




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