USA, Impeachment Trump


USA, Impeachment Trump: trial underway.

What does the Tycoon risk? The Donald, meanwhile, has disappeared from the radar. Goodbye? No way. According to many, he is already preparing the return. The exit wave of the now-former President of the United States, Donald Trump, who “boasts” (so to speak) to his credit the second impeachment is long. Never has a President had to suffer the “pillory” twice? But the Tycoon, as we know, is a story in itself. Meanwhile, yesterday the battle began in the Senate chamber with the accusation that it brings home the first victory: most senators voted for the constitutionality of the process, thus rejecting the thesis that Congress cannot decide the sentence less than a former president. Meanwhile, the Tycoon’sTycoon’s lawyers warn, who brand the impeachment as a political operation, evoking a step back to avoid “destroying the country.” At the start of the session, the raw images of the attack Congress on January 6 were shown, mounted by the prosecution, linked to the words of the former President, on the same day during a rally, inciting the crowd supporters March on the Capitol. The Donald, however, would be anything but worried. At the moment, the numbers are on his side, and the risk of a conviction for the former President is a hypothesis that is not considered: at least 17 Republican senators should side with the 50 Democratic senators.
The TycoonTycoon, at the suggestion of his daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner, would have decided to keep a lower profile. And, indeed, after giving the keys to the White House to rival Biden, he disappeared from the radar. A farewell? No way. Final surrender? Forget it. The well-informed are ready to swear that this silence is nothing more than the calm that precedes a recent storm. Once he has emerged victorious from the process that will end in nothingness, Trump will show an iron fist, strong of success, ready to take control of the party to open a new season that could lead him to run for the presidential elections 2024. Politically “liberated” the Republican senators who had voted in favor of impeachment at the end of January. Meanwhile, the new President Biden wasted no time, and it seems that even under his presidency, the challenge with China will be no less challenging. Not to mention the equally thorny Iran dossier.

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