Record revenue from Twitter

Record revenue from Twitter

Record revenue from Twitter.

Twitter exceeded expectations in the last quarter, with a record-breaking revenue of $ 1.29 billion.
Social networking platform Twitter announced that it generated $ 1.29 billion in revenue in the last quarter of 2020.
Social networking platform Twitter announced that it generated $ 1.29 billion in revenue in the last quarter of 2020.
The company’s revenue from November to December increased 28 percent compared to the previous year’s same period. With this record increase that exceeded analysts’ expectations, Twitter’s annual revenue was $ 3.72 billion.
In the last quarter, Twitter announced that the number of daily active users that can “generate revenue” rose by 5 million compared to the third quarter to 192 million.
However, the experts expected that the number of users of Twitter would increase to 193.5 million.
“We’ve had an extraordinary year,” said Jack Dorsey, the company’s CEO.
Twitter banned former US President Donald Trump two days after the Congressional raid on January 6.
Trump, an active Twitter user before his account was suspended, had 88 million followers.
Some analysts said the decision could affect Twitter’s results and popularity this quarter.
We are more extensive than an account.
Dorsey said, “We are undoubtedly a bigger platform than a topic or an account.”
Stating that users can follow more than 6,000 topics on the platform, Jack Dorsey said, “We are a global platform. We are not only dependent on news and politics.”
Dorsey said 80 percent of its users are from outside the United States.
The company, which has 5,500 employees in 2020, plans to increase its staff number by 20 percent this year. The platform says this could increase the company’s costs and expenses by at least 25 percent this year.

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Twitter closed the door to Trump!

Ned Segal, the finance director of the social networking site Twitter, said that even if former US President Donald Trump is back in the presidency, his account’s ban will continue.
In an interview with the American CNBC television, Ned Segal answered Trump’s closed Twitter account. He stated that it is impossible to reopen a closed account and that this ban is permanent.
Noting that corporate policies are designed “to make sure people are not incited to violence” and that “violators” do not allow them to come back. The finance manager made it clear that even if Trump is re-elected President of the United States, he will not use his personal Twitter account.
After the Trump supporters raided the US Congress on January 6, social media companies started to apply severe censorship to Trump’s accounts.
Instagram and Facebook blocked Trump’s access to the account for a while, while Twitter announced that as of January 8, it had suspended the President’s account indefinitely.
Record revenue from Twitter



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