New car incentives in Lombardia


New car incentives in Lombardia: discounts of up to 18 thousand euros 36 million euros made available for the purchase of new cars split equally between 2021 and 2022

The junta chaired by Attilio Fontana then signed the resolution with which Lombardia decided to make 36 million euros available for citizens who will buy a new car.
The total sum has been divided equally for 2021 and 2022; starting from March, the latest bonuses for the Lombardia Region will be in force, which can be combined with the government’s car incentives at the national level. According to the calculations, thanks to this new form of support for purchasing new cars, Lombard citizens will benefit from even more than 18,000 euros of total ‘discount’ from the list price (in case of scrapping used cars and buying an electric vehicle).

Going into detail, the amount of the bonus is commensurate with the quantities of nitrogen oxides, and carbon dioxide emitted. As these values ​​increase, the amount granted as an incentive by the Region decreases, up to a maximum payable incentive of 8,000 in Lombardia, by buying a fuel cell or electric car and scrapping an old vehicle with homologation up to Euro 2 ( Petrol) or up to Euro 5 (diesel).
For citizens who instead buy a car with a different engine, the incentive is offered only with scrapping or export:
if the car has CO2 emissions up to 60 g / km: incentive up to 5,000 euros for cars that do not exceed 85.8 mg/km of NOx, 4,000 euros for the 85.9-126 mg/km range;
if the car has CO2 emissions between 61 and 110 g / km: € 4,000 bonus with NOx values ​​up to 85.8 mg / km and € 3,000 for the 85.9-126 mg / km range;
if the car has CO2 emissions between 111 and 145 g / km, incentivize 3,000 euros with NOx emissions up to 85.8 mg/km, 2,000 euros with NOx above this threshold, but not over 126 mg/km.
Also, in this case, as is the case with state incentives, Lombardia can add the Lombardia Region bonus to the dealer’s obligatory discount: at least 12% of the vehicle’s base price or at least 2,000 euros, if the new car is electric or hydrogen. From today February 11, the notice for sellers’ profiling is published on the official website; the implementation announcement will be announced on February 20. And finally, from March 1, those who want to buy a new car in Lombardia will be able to request the bonus on the platform.

Fiat 500, the brand’s icon awarded




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