Mario Draghi program 1

Mario Draghi program

Mario Draghi program: school, taxation, Europe and three significant reforms.

“Bringing Italy out of psychological and economic depression”. Mario Draghi’s goal at Montecitorio kicked off the second round of consultations by meeting the Mixed Groups of the Chamber and Senate and the Autonomies. From school to the tax authorities, passing through the reform of justice and bureaucracy, Draghi illustrated the government program’s main lines to the parties.
These are various points – or rather macro areas – that the president in charge listed to the delegations. “He talked a lot, and there was little room for questions on our part,” says a member of parliament who has just come out of an interview with the professor. An interview in which Draghi drew up a wide-ranging program including the goal of maxi reforms, related to Recovery: public administration, civil justice and taxation.

Europe and Atlantic firmness

The first of the points that the president in charge submitted to the delegations outlines the executive position that Draghi has defined as “convinced European” in the choices and future challenges. Riccardo Nencini says at the end of the consultations: “A strong pro-European framework and reference to Atlanticism”. And on the challenges, adds the socialist senator, Draghi “has come to put on the table the question of a common European budget and therefore a vision that does not only concern the present but a future approach”. Certainly, goodbye to the pro-Russian urges of Salvini and the pro-Chinese impulses of part of the M5s.

Pandemic and the environment

In addition to the pandemic emergency, even before Covid, there was an environmental one, and emergency “will be reflected in all points of the program”. The government that Draghi is about to form “has three decisive points: Europeanism, Atlanticism, environmentalism” explained the deputy of the Democratic Center, Bruno Tabacci, adding that on the horizon there is “an organic reform of the tax authorities, not in the direction of flat tax “.

Health and vaccination campaign

The third point is the vaccination campaign, which Draghi would have defined as “the most imminent emergency” to resume work and consumption. “The vaccination campaign – explained Manfred Schullian, SVP deputy – must be completed and started”. Then the environment and the work to be created through tourism and infrastructure.

Economy and business

As for businesses – Schullian said – for Draghi “we must avoid making non-repayable contributions, but we need to finance businesses to allow them to resume business once the crisis is over”. But not only the emergency for companies. Given that many are in debt, the prime minister in charge would have said that ” must also be thought of for the banks”.



Another critical point of the government program that Draghi is working on is the school from what emerged today. Among the proposals is that of recovering the lost school days due to the pandemic through a revision of the calendar, returning to the school even in the summer period, if this is feasible. As reported by the deputies who met him today, Draghi considers, in fact, a priority to obviate “the objective discomfort of students both in terms of learning and psychological”. In addition to making up for a lost time, Draghi also aims to ensure that all professorships are assigned on 1 September and that therefore, as was systematically happening even before Covid, there are thousands of places available for recent posts that remain instead vacant and are then gradually covered with substitute contracts after the school year has already begun.
Finally, infrastructure and the opening of construction sites.
Furthermore, it is crucial to complete the three reforms that Europe has been asking of Italy for some time and connected to the Recovery Fund’s granting: the reform of the public administration, the tax reform and the reform of civil justice.

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